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        How we're playing it safe

        Welcome back tennis fans

        We're delighted to welcome back fans to our safe and happy slam, just in time for the semi finals.?
        Book your seat to see the biggest names and moments that make the event and absolute must-see. The competition is heating up and you can join all the action in one ultimate fan zone – buzzing with that finals feeling. ?
        It’s not the same without you so come play it safe and enjoy all the world-class tennis action, with live experiences, bars and restaurants to match. ?

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        Australian Open 2021, will be like no other. Our grand slam precinct will be ready to again host some of most scintillating and memorable tennis encounters, and most importantly in a COVIDSafe environment.???
        Our primary focus is to keep our community safe.?
        In order to have a COVIDSafe AO 2021 the whole precinct is being redesigned to implement a range of measures to look after everyone.

        17 Feb 21

        COVID-19 Safety Plan Explained


        What we’re doing on-site

        A robust and thorough COVIDSafe plan will be implemented for Australian Open 2021 in accordance with the Victorian Government’s Public Events Framework. We will work with DHHS and other agencies to ensure that all aspects of your event experience are consistent with public health expectations.

        Reduced arena capacity

        Digital tickets to support contact tracing and reduce shared contact

        Enhanced high-touch and arena cleaning

        Physical distancing within arenas and queues

        Sanitiser stations throughout the precinct

        Cashless transactions

        COVIDSafe FAQ's